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Rapid Business Success
That Converts Your Team Into
Healthier And Far More Productive Players..."
 Become An EXTRAORDINARY LEADER, Who's Bigger, Better & Unstoppable
Are Rotten Attitudes Spoiling Your Best People?
Is This Friction Getting In The Way 
Are you tired of listening to your employees complain without suggesting a way to take action? How often have you tried to address this, and felt you were not getting anywhere, pouring your efforts into a black hole? Does this type of INACTION have you mentally, physically, and emotionally fatigued? ...It's OK if Deep Down You're Tired and Want to Quit. Do you dread going into a draining environment every day!

How great would it be to have your team far more productive and your customers more satisfied? Imagine all this happening in your fun and healthy workplace where they're Working BETTER Together and Respecting the Differences. Would you like to hear them say, “We’re Trusting Each Other Easier and Solving Problems Faster?” Imagine EVERYONE Celebrating Higher Performance Levels.

This Level of Rapid Business Success is not possible until you get answers to six simple but crucial questions and the four intentional actions that follow. Most people avoid or skirt around these questions, and let's be clear; doing a portion of this process will not give you the full picture.

Aren't You Tired of Pretending Everything's Alright?
I know it's easier not to face it
THE QUESTION IS, WHOSE GETTING IN WHOSE WAY? ARE YOU GETTING IN YOUR EMPLOYEES WAY OR ARE THEY GETTING IN YOURS? Just So we're clear, It doesn't matter who started it, what matters is that someone put an end to it, so everyone can move forward, to get more done!

There's not enough hours or money in a day for all of this…and you probably don't know who's really on board vs. those who are going through the motions! I remember a time in my company where it felt like I was pouring my resources into a black hole that I called a business while working until I was ready to drop every day. At that point, I was tired of pretending, and something had to change.

I WAS STILL WORKING HARD TO TAKE MY COMPANY TO A PLACE WHERE IT HAD NEVER BEEN BEFORE. But, deep down, I didn't want it anymore. I was tired and wanted to quit. I had no desire to keep going, the way things were, and I had no idea of how to stop. And, it didn't help that employee cost was rising, and the employee talent pool was shrinking. At that point I had gone through many coaching and training programs, but nothing had lasting change in dealing with my people. But yet, I still wondered if I could get a few of my employees to be passionate. I know it's crazy, but I also wanted a couple of them to apply themselves and care enough to look for ways to make things better in the company.
As I started facing the ugly truth, I saw that this was the way out.
This truth made my team and clients happier than I could ever imagine. My team was far more productive, and my clients were far more satisfied.
I soon discovered that many business owners are in the same place that I was, and they’d love to know how to have a happier and more productive workplace.

So, I went to CBS broadcasting and relaunched my radio show, to duplicate what I had discovered. This show aired in Washington D.C. and expanded to Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte NC, and Dayton, Ohio.

Almost immediately, business owners and leaders of automotive organizations approached me, asking if I would teach them how to increase their revenue and turn their people into highly productive, INTEGRITY DRIVEN ACTION MASTERS. As I assisted them in this process, customer satisfaction scores increased at a fantastic rate, and business owners were blown away with how fast this process bridged the pain stacking gap between the two opposed incompatible groups.
 - Managers Relationships were Far Better with Their Employees.
 - Service Advisors had Better Communication with Technicians. (Including Non-Verbal)
 - Service Advisors & Customers Were Working Better Together.

 What they didn’t know is how much I love creating partnerships, where neither group believes it’s possible, and both groups celebrate a WIN
If I Can Do It, You Can Too!
When Leaders are Not Willing to Face the Ugly Truth
I've struggled to be vulnerable all over the place in my life, acting like I didn't care, while allowing bad attitudes to spoil good people because I didn't deal with the concerns. I've also assumed I understood what was being said instead of asking when I thought people were against me. I found myself complaining and not taking action, acting like I didn't need to be liked, as I was trying to please people, while not holding others accountable.

In the hundreds of coaching sessions that I’ve had with business leaders, I’ve witnessed that no failure or struggle is wasted in life, especially when training your teams. Sadly enough, traditional methods and programs leave you super frustrated, as they skirt around not dealing with this smelly, nasty cesspool of sludge that is aggressively infesting most individuals, relationships, and companies.

As I started Facing the Ugly Truth, I saw that people need a safe place to share their concerns with someone who cares about them more than just how they operate, identifying with what they're dealing with, while being mature, responsible and competent enough to professionally assist them in sounding out what they struggle to face and cannot see on their own, without judgment and in total confidence. 
...It Starts with a VERY SAFE PLACE
I LOVE Working with and Assisting People Who Dream of a Better Way, Freely Sharing Their Success and Failure, Helping Others Get Past Their Fears While Discovering and Exposing The Un-Truths In The Mainstream Way of Thinking, Standing For Integrity Against The Bottom Feeders. 
Bottom Feeders - The Crooks, Criminals, and Con-Artists that exist in every industry, among service providers and customers alike. 
Redefining Leadership, Management & Teamwork
that ESCALATES Relationships, Production, & Expectations.  
Guy  A. Cooper
The wall I hit and the conflict I encountered was necessary for me to assist you in getting things that historically have never moved to start moving. Now I know, no failure or struggle is waste in life, if you’re willing to look to see what you can glean from it.
Although, I don’t want you or anyone else to have to go through what I went through. This struggle has prepared me, and a part of my purpose is to assist you, so you’re equipped and prepared to have healthier relationships with yourself, your teams, and your clients.

Facing the Ugly Truth is the Way Out
Has Transformed The Lives of Countless People and Their Companies... 
The Question is, Are YOU Next? 
I’ve Challenged the Automotive Industry and Now You. Let’s Do Business with such INTEGRITY that We Seize the Opportunity to Starve Out the Bottom Feeders.
Who are Bottom Feeders? The Crooks, Criminals, and Con-Artists that exist in every industry, among service providers and customers alike.
There’s No Place for them in Our Integrity Driven Market Place. 
Raise Your Standards Against Them, So EVERYONE in Your Company Can Celebrate Higher Performance Levels!
...There Is No Catch! case you're wondering why I'm doing this...
Well, there are a few reasons...
1. I'm on a mission to Elevate Companies who want to do honest business, taking care of their Internal (Employees), and External Customers.

2. I Believe, there are far more businesses doing their best, to do things right vs. companies that aren't, contrary to popular belief...and I'm looking to prove it.

3. I'm sure you'd agree, There’s No Place for Bottom Feeders in Our Integrity Driven Market Place.

4. Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to improve their companies (I actually run real businesses that have TRANSFORMED my life and companies) so, I want to share what I've gleaned, and it doesn't hurt me to share my best stuff, with you.

5. I think a large percentage of what is said online is complete Crap, so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the FUEL that will Power You, to TRANSFORM Your Company and Life.
...There Are Two Requirements:
First, You must be honest with yourself in the way you operate going forward.
- I’m not so concerned with where you’ve been or what you’ve done, AND I look forward to assisting you in this process.
- If You’re Wondering if You Qualify, You’re Good.
- It’s the people who don’t care and aren’t willing to be honest with themselves that I’m weeding out.
To be clear, in its purest form, We Call This Integrity.
And the Second, You must be ready to Stop Complaining and Take Action!
WHY: We Are Transforming Entire Organizations into “INTEGRITY DRIVEN ACTION MASTERS!”
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If you want to get your employees on-board & celebrate higher performance levels, then this is the mission we’re giving you…
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Let Me Break Down All The Amazing Things You'll Get When You Join The Challenge Today!
Strengthen Your Position   #1 
Each day of the “Facing The Ugly Truth Is The Way Out” Challenge, you’ll have tasks that you’ll need to complete to increase production, get better results, unite your team, transform your workplace environment, and so much more.

We'll mail you're Leaders Guide and Workbook as soon as it comes off of the press.

You’ll have an online portal with daily video training and assignment. The entire process will take about an hour a day, and if you miss a day or want to review, everything will be waiting for you in your portal. You’ll also be able to enjoy the audio file of each day, Live Q&A’s, and the closed Facebook group to share and interact with other the participants.

I’ve spent the last ten years transforming the lives and companies of my executive coaching clients through this challenge, where they share unfiltered with absolutely no judgment.
Now Trust Is Easier   #2
We’ll discover how to master conflict, and you’ll start seeing notable changes occur; decisions are faster, even when team members disagree, you’ll see them still commit. Your status will increase as your team starts to produce faster results.
I get excited about this part of the challenge; even if you don’t think change is possible, this is when the transformation starts to occur in the environment, and the cynics begin to believe.
Trust, Transparency, and Communication will begin to exist everywhere, as things that have historically not worked start working. 
Flourish in the Differences #3
You would think most Leadership teams know what it is to build trust, and I’ve found that this is not the case in both large and small companies.
There’s a type of vulnerability that’s missing for us to get to where we need to be, and Nope, I’m not talking about holding hands and singing Kumbaya around a campfire. The Vulnerability I’m talking about took me three years to dial in, and I have spent the last ten years from the board room to the service bay showing board members to technicians how to flourish in their differences.
Here let me show you, and let’s see if you pass the test.
What if you could say, I need help, or I screwed up, or your Idea is Better than mine. Are you in a place where no one tries to hide mistakes, and you don’t have to overthink your action or manage politics at work?
If all of this is indeed working well in your organization, then most likely you’ve alright gotten out from facing the ugly truth, and I’m sure your team is flourishing, and you’re on your way to rapid success.
Check Out The Exclusive Bonuses Included In This Offer!
Right Focus  Bonus #1
There are so many people who need your attention when running your company, and on top of all of that, how do you overcome the eight trends that threaten all companies, especially successful ones?

One time I was in a board room sharing this information when their projector went out, they were so excited about the information I was sharing I had board members crowding around my laptop, like kids in a candy store looking to see what I was going to say and show next. 

I’ll set this information up in your portal, as well. You’ll have the online video course as well as the audio file to listen to as you’re picking up your children from school or traveling down the road.
 Above & Beyond  Bonus #2 
Recently, I asked several of my executive coaching clients what steps they would take if all of a sudden,
You Lose It All…
Your organizations are toxic again, and your people are as unproductive as when we got started.
You’re at your wit's end and have no desire to go into your work environment.
You have people with bad attitudes that need to be held accountable for their actions and inactions.
What Would You Do?
(From Day 1 to Day 45) If You Knew You Only Had ONE SERIES OF ACTIONS To Get It All Back
In addition to taking you through the challenge that I created to transform their companies, I'm going to share what they would do if they lost everything and had to do it over again. 
Elevate Expectations  Bonus #3
Even though I didn’t sell my Auto Service Center but closed it almost Ten years ago, I still have clients to this day who let me know that they are displaced when it comes to auto repair. They haven’t found anyone who takes care of them at the level I did.

I’ll share the clear and concise actions that I implemented to Elevate My Clients Expectations, from how we captured what they said when dropping their vehicles off to how we continually Exceeded their Expectations when picking their vehicles up.

You’ll be able to watch this fun interactive online training or listen to the audio as your driving to work, running errands, or working out at the gym.
My Coaching Clients Paid $10,000+ for this Program. 
FYI - This Founders Pricing & Exclusive Bonuses Are Only Available For A Limited Time. 
Anyone Who Purchases A Founders Product, Like This One, Will Receive Founder Discounts For As Long As You Have Account With Us.
I'm Offering this Challenge  
to Further Prove I Can Transform the Lives of People & Companies Who Haven't Gone Through My Executive Coaching Programs.
Claim Your Seat Now Before They're All Gone...
limited time offer!
Is There A Guarantee?
Of course... :-)
I guarantee that if you participate in this challenge, show up to the live sessions, and implement what you learn. By the time the challenge is done, you will have a transformed company and a solid understanding of the core fundamentals of how to keep your team happy and productive.
If, for some reason, you don't feel like that is true, then you can send back your challenge kit within 30 days from the day the Challenge starts and receive a full refund of $1297. 
Pretty Simple, And, if you're like most people, this experience will transform your business (and for many of you, it will transform your lives!)
We’re Transforming Entire Organizations into
Here's What To Do Next...
If this is You, even if you don’t think it’s possible, I look forward to welcoming you into our qualified network of Leaders and Companies who have Transformed into Healthy, Thriving, and Successful Organizations. Click the Link Below to Join the Challenge and Take Advantage of this Ridiculously Low Price Today!
By the way, if you are an editor of copy, one of my editors told me not to use the words "Ridiculously Low Price".
...what other words could I use to describe how ridiculously low this price is?

Remember, You're Only One Action Away...
Guy Cooper
Here’s A Recap Of
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Facing the Ugly Truth is the Way Out!
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  • ​Integrity Driven Action Masters Program ($1697 Value)
  • ​Access to Your Training Portal ($1997 Value)
  • ​Unlimited Access to "Right Focus" ($247 Value)
  • Unlimited ​Access to "Above & Beyond" ($197 Value)
  • ​Unlimited Access "Elevate Expectation"  ($297 Value)
  • Access to Our Private Coaching Community ($295 Value)
Total Value: $9127
If you're ready to get your employees on-board & celebrate higher performance levels, then this is the mission we’re giving you…
You have 45 Days, starting Jan 6th...
Do YOU Accept?
Join The "Facing The Ugly Truth Is The Way Out" Challenge Today!
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